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Just because we think of treasure
not in terms of gold and silver
Doesn't mean that we don't have our wealth
Some say we have lost it
But know in a world gone mad
Sanity is no real sign of health

So drop your bags and drop your fears
Lift your voice and voice your cheers
Hoist your mug and give some hugs
Shout your mantra sing your prayer
Look around we're all right here
It just proves we're not all there

We may not have it all together
But together we can have it all

(Hi di-diddly-i dum diddly-iddle-idle-dum
hi dum di diddly-i day)

(Peewee Dread)

The purpose of this life is to live a life with purpose
So don't get trapped inside your safety net
So fill you well and light your flame
But go on seeking service
Life with out a cause is life with out effect

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