All I Have Lyrics

All I Have lyrics

jennifer lopez (feat. LL COOL J)

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Lyrics to All I Have Jennifer Lopez:
It´s such a shame but I´m leaving,
Can´t take the way you´re mistreating me,
And it´s crazy, but oh baby
It don´t matter whatever don´t phase me.
I don´t believe you want to leave like this,
I don´t believe I just had my last real kiss,
I do believe we´ll laugh and reminisce,
Wait a minute don´t bounce baby let´s talk about this.
Well I´m bouncing and I´m out son,
I gotta leave you alone,
B Section:
Cause I´m good,
Holding down my spot,
And I´m good.
Reppin´ the girls on the block,
And I´m good.
I got this thing on lock,
So without me you´ll kefine-right
All my pride is all I have.
Rap Verse(LL COOL J):
(Pride is what you had baby girl I´m what you have)
You´ll be needing me but too bad
(Be easy don´t make decisions while you´re mad)
The path you chase to run alone
(I know you´re indeoendent you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh yeah
(But time is of the essence why spend it alone)
The night I waited up for you,
Promises you made about coming through,
So much time you wasted,
That´s why I had to replace you.
It makes a cat nervous the thought of settling down,
Especially me I was creepin´ all over town
Thought my tender touch could lock you down,
I knew I had you, as cocky as it sounds,
The way you used to giggle right before I put it down,
It´s better when you´re angry come here I´ll prove it now come here.
Stop playing,
You gaming,
I gotta leave you baby
B Section (Breakdown/Rap LL COOL J):
People make mistakes to make up, to break up, to wake up,
Cold and lonley, chill baby you know me,
You love me I´m like your homey,
Instead of beefn´ baby come hold me,
I promis I´m not a phony
Don´t bounce baby console me,
come here
Ain´t nothing you can say to me,
That can change my mind,
I gotta let you go now,
And nothing will ever be the same,
So just be on your way,
Go head and do your thing now,
And there´s no more to explain to me you know,
I know your game I´m not feeling what you do,
So I´m bouncing,
& I´m out son,
I gotta leave you alone
Repeat Corus...
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