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Acting Out lyrics

Ashley Tisdale

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Lyrics to Acting Out
Up above the surface
I was just the perfect child
But underneath it all
I was craven to be wild
Don't you judge by the cover
It's so far from what you see
I'm losing all my patient
Waiting on to believe

I'm sufocating
I can't breathe

Let me out of this cage
I'm not goin' to hold it
I'm goin' to break these chase
And take the control
Give you something to talk about
It's another side of me,
I'm acting out
Set me free
I'm ready to show you
This is what I need
It's time to get dirty
Show you what I'm talking about
It's another side of me
I'm acting out

Welcome to a new beginning
It's time to start the show
No I don't think it matters
If is real or just a world
Once you get the taste of it
You'll be beging me for more
I'll give you something to remember
Once I hit the floor

I'm letting go
Of what you now


I've been waiting just to drive you crazy
Now it's my time
And yes it feels amazing
It's nothing left of what you see before
Life is short
Just to do what you told
(just do to what you told x6)


(Life is short just to do what you told) I'm acting out
(Life is short just to do what you told) I'm acting out
(Life is short just to do what you told) I'm acting out

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good song grate beat liv it so much u got to two
[Posted on Oct 9, 2009 a 07:37 am]